Monday, December 20, 2010

Mongoose full suspension mountain bike

Mongoose bikes are among the ones which every rider would like to have in his collection. Mongoose has a very broad array of bikes which include MTBs, BMX and urban bikes. Thus, a user has lots of choices to pick from. With every bike specializing in its category, and equipped with the most incredible features, Mongoose has always lived up to its name in the market with every single launch of bike. Its mountain bikes are among the most loved ones and Mongoose has a wide range in it too. With many of its launches specially designed for mountain biking, the brand has now launched full suspension bikes which differ from all other bikes in the category.

Mountain biking has always been in demand and many passionate riders come up to strive for new ways of exploring themselves and trying out new techniques of mountain biking and off road riding. Mongoose has launched its full suspension mountain bike to make their task easier and comfortable. With a bike equipped with strong full suspension, the rider gets to move around smoothly even on the bad road conditions. A bumpy and bouncy ride would make any rider uncomfortable and tiresome after sometime. Thus, the mongoose full suspension mountain bike ensures a long and downy ride even on potholed roads. Salvo is one of these full suspension mountain bikes by Mongoose.

Salvo is designed to give a sweet ride with very less or no bumps experienced by the rider. It has an amazing light front triangle for easy handling and has floating suspension system which makes the ride effortless, painless and thump free. This new floating suspension used by Mongoose makes the setup of shocks easy to do and guarantees longer life of the shock. This suspension system also takes up a considerable chunk of force which in other bikes is received by the frame of the bike. It has an adjustable 95-120mm travel which can be done by using the quick release lever which when moved to 95mm would stiffen the rear end and the bike snaps around corners which gives enhanced pedal efficiency. The Salvo also comes with the Johnny Six-pack.

Mongoose full suspension mountain bikes are premeditated to take up the maximum amount of force received by the rider and hence give him a comfortable and a contented ride. Mongoose full suspension mountain bike do its duty very faithfully and hence is on the top of the list of every passionate rider.

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