Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bringing Fitness Home!

The verdict’s out! It is a widely acknowledged fact that the treadmill is the most popular and highest selling gym equipment in the fitness market today. The secret to its success is obvious, the sole reason that it is the most effective of them all, available in a wide range satisfying an assortment of the user’s needs and is affordable to add to the home gym. This is because the manufacturers of the treadmill have become sensitive to the customer’s varied needs and demands. Treadmills are now available to cater to their very wishes.

Perhaps the most prominent distinction comes with the release of separate commercial and home treadmills. This has boosted sales by protecting customers from investing more than what is required by them. Home treadmills, for instance, are apt for regular use by a family for about five hours a day, through the week. Their motors and electronic components are not heavy duty and just do the job that is required of them.

On the other hand, commercial treadmills are hard-wearing and can be used for several hours a day by many people. They have harder and longer decks and occupy much space. The belt is also 4-ply as against the 2-ply belts of home treadmills. These are fitting for commercial gyms and fitness clubs. They sport several training programs and have sophisticated control systems. Due to the growing interest in these models, producers have brought out ‘commercial-grade’ treadmills in recent times. They are not as forceful and durable as the commercial treadmills, but are definitely stronger than the ordinary home treadmills and have more programs to be added to your exercise regimen. They have also become increasingly within people’s means and are soon being added to many an exercise room in homes across the country.

While buying a home treadmill, one must ensure that it is reliable and efficient. If you are short of space, you could go for a folding-model. Measure the area you are willing to give up for your treadmill and choose the deck likewise. Wear comfortable running clothes and shoes and take conveniently long strides as you try out the treadmills. Decide on a price band. Once you are done with these basics, check the warranty period. The warranty must be at least for 1 year service. It is a wise decision to go for a treadmill from one of the trustworthy brands such as, the Best Fitness Treadmill 1, priced at $1111.99 and the Tf3i Folding Treadmill available for $1457.99.

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