Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Add elegance to your office with crocodile leather desk accessories

Crocodile leather is exotic and is in high demand among today's world's top fashion brands. Generally leather is long lasting and with proper maintenance crocodile leather can last for decades. It is not just for this reason crocodile leather products are widely chosen but also it is very elegant and leaves a classic touch to the product. The most desirable factor of crocodile leather is its appeal and moreover it is warm to touch. The quality of crocodile leather cannot be compared with any other leather and hence worth paying a heavy price.

Though crocodile and alligator are members of the reptilian order of Crocodillia and look similar there are distinctive differences between two and so do their leather. Small dots (or dermal pressure receptors) are found in the entire length of crocodile leather but in alligator these dots are found only in the jaw area. The former is lighter in appearance and is relatively expensive too.

Grains in crocodile leather are nothing but the pattern of the scales, they determine the quality of leather. Crocodile leather is strong but can be bent in any shape and hence the most preferred choice for fashion accessories, today you get handbags, wallets, footwear, and belts made of crocodile leather. Not just fashion accessories, a huge range of crocodile leather desk accessories are also on tap, so now the work station can also be made elegant and appealing.

Home or corporate office, people become more productive only if their work space is organized and crocodile leather desk accessories can well serve this purpose. A conference room decked up with appropriate accessories enhanced the brand value during client visits. For those who wonder what are the choices available, you name it and you get it, say leather pencil cups, desk pads, letter holders, letter openers, mouse pads, pen stands, memo holders, and coasters. A waste basket completes the decorative work of your work station. As you get leather desk sets the need for matching one accessory with other is eliminated, and since they come in varied shades you can well match them with your office décor.

While buying crocodile leather desk sets you need to make that it is authentic skin, analyze the skin carefully. You can decide whether the leather is genuine if it is soft, supple, and has seamless non-overlapping scales. If the skin is dark and you notice pleats when the leather in bent then it is genuine caiman skin, which is comparitively low in quality.

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