Thursday, December 2, 2010

26" Men's Schwinn Link Bike – Good for general utility

A hybrid cycle combines features of a street cycle and a mountain cycle, so you get to enjoy maximum benefits and perfect choice if you commute through different terrains, say streets, bike paths, trails, and unpaved roads. It features an upright frame so the rider enjoys a comfortable riding experience and stronger frame to withstand rider and cargo. This bike has relatively wide tires and hence enhanced stability and traction are ensured. Rims and other components in hybrid bicycles are made lightweight, so faster riding is ensured. You can find all these features and more in 26" Men's Schwinn Link Bike. It integrates linear pull brakes for precise stopping and suspension fork for smooth riding on bumpy roads. The remarkable feature in this Schwinn Link Bike is 21 speeds with advanced shifters, which enable easy gear changing. Optimal view of road is ensured as it has a handle bar with adjustable stem. A padded saddle completes this bike. So, what more you need in a hybrid bike?

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