Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go Wise, Get A Mongoose Montana All-terrain bike

On the road, you will see different kinds of cyclists – the road cyclist, the comfort cyclist and the mountain cyclist. Mountain bikers are an adventurous sect, who will go to any extent to display their talents and skills. They are ready to take on any kind of roads, perform any kind of tricks and are willing to get really muddy over it. So if you belong to that category, then you could go for Mongoose Montana all-terrain bike. The Montana caters to the biking interests for both men and women. Contrary to what you think, buying a mountain bike is not as easy as you think. But when the Mongoose Montana is around, you need not spend much time looking for what you want.

A Montana, released by the world famous bicycle company, Mongoose is capable of fulfilling even your wildest dreams. Mountain biking is definitely a full fledged sport, so getting a Mongoose Montana will be the perfect decision since it can stand the rigors of rough tactics.

Mountain bikes fall into two category – the lightweight frame and the heavy frame. Light-weight doesn’t mean that your bike is not as capable as the heavy frame one. It still exudes quality, only the material with which the bike is made varies. The material for frames can vary from titanium, aluminum, full alloy steel and high tensile steel. The ultimate decision is based on where you are going to use your bike the maximum number of times. A Mongoose Montana is perfect for both street riding and mountain trails. Its full alloy MTB frame is very durable making the bike highly reliable during precarious riding situations. The front suspension fork ensures amazing smoothness while riding and the alloy linear pull brakes ensures that you can stop your Montana where you command it. The tires are pretty smooth, no matter where you ride it - on the grass, pavement or dirt roads. Its adjustable seats ensure rider comfort-ability and its Shimano rear derailleur and 21-speed SRAM MRX shifters provide incredible control of the wheels.

You can easily buy your Mongoose Montana through www.wsports.com because they have what you have in mind. Riding a Montana will be much safer than all other bikes in the same category. You get them in either 26 inch or 24 inch wheel size. The colors are black and nickel gray. You will probably get your product in parts and will have to assemble it by following the instructions. Always remember to get safety equipment like headgears and protective gloves when you go mountain biking. Its better to be safe than sorry.

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