Friday, April 15, 2011

Folding Treadmill – The Best You Can Get For Your Home

If you are planning to set up a home gym, then it is mandatory that you get a folding treadmill, the biggest advantage is it being compact, the demand for less place and the ability to store. With pressing constraints for living space, it is very important that you make the best use of each room that you have in your apartment. If you cannot dedicate one whole room for home fitness equipment, then you can convert the room for multi-tasking purposes. And this is possible only if you have the right kind of equipment. There were folding treadmills earlier too, but the newest ones in the market are extremely durable and reliable. If quality is a major factor, then you can get a folding treadmill, because many branded ones are available.

Treadmills that you can fold and put away are generally lightweight, because they are meant to be put away after each use. You can even store it under a bed or keep it inside a closet. A folding treadmill is an ideal choice if you are living in a studio apartment. People are quite afraid to use a lightweight treadmill because they have a feeling they will slip off it. But the treadmills of new are perfectly safe to use, and they usually have an incline of 15%. A folding treadmill will be fitted with a powerful motor so that you can walk at a steady pace and adjust your rhythm according to your convenience.

Treadmills are meant to be noisy, so when you buy a folding treadmill just check out how much noise it is going to make. If you have a habit of working out very early in the morning or late in the night, you don’t want to disturb people. Apart from the noise factor, there are certain other features that you have to take care of. They are:

The power of the motor
The size of the machine
Running area required
The power of shock absorption
The incline and finally

There are so many different kinds of a folding treadmill because people are of different shapes and sizes, there must be something to suit everyone. The running area, overall size and weight all depends on what kind of machine you want. If you are a really heavy person, then you will want something that will be able to take your weight. These treadmills are designed to carry about 350 pounds. Even if you are buying a folding manual treadmill, it will be fitted with a heart rate monitor, so you will know instantly just how all these running have improved your heart condition. Check out some top-rated machines at

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