Friday, April 15, 2011

Teaching Tiny Tots to Bike

Remember those growing years when biking around neighbourhood roads was a never-ending past time and probably led to life-long friendships. Bicycling is a pursuit that can never be taught too early but choosing the right bike for kids is a difficult task given the number of enticing models that are available on the market. Children can start riding bikes by the time they are two to four years old and bike manufacturers build bikes with special features for kids.

Children need to be encouraged to start bicycling at an early stage. Proper guidance and adult supervision will help children get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time. While choosing a bike pick a bike that is appropriate for the kid including the height, the safety features, training wheels and a comfortable saddle. Children’s bikes come in attractive colors and Schwinn tricycles are often a good option to consider if it is going to be a kid’s first bike. Adults need to supervise a kid especially if they are very young till they learn to ride on their own. Kids need to be made aware of traffic rules and some common rules need to be put in place before they can be allowed to ride by themselves. Schwinn Easy Steer Trike for instance has features that let an adult control steering and speed, a relief to most parents.

The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike allows little ones to experience their first bike ride in style with bright attractive colored models. The removable push or steer handle allows parents to control the ride, while the 3-point seat belt ensures safety and security. The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike aims to be a tricycle that grows with a child's abilities and confidence. The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike’s high-back saddle with 3-point seat belt allows young riders to feel secure while an adult controls the action. The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike frame is a steel construction heavy-duty one and includes the concealed steering system.

Kids tend to get hungry quite often and during the boisterous childhood years require more food. Bicycle manufacturers aware of this fact make provision for storage of food, toys and other supplies. The Schwinn Easy Steer Trike has a rear gravity-lock dump bin and front basket for extra storage. The model includes a front basket and rear dump bin for storing special treasures. The Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle is designed such that kids enjoy their independence and learn to bike without the associated dangers thanks to adult supervision features that the bike has inbuilt in all its models.

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