Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Commercial exercise bike for multi-tasking

Commercial exercise bike is the easiest way to keep you fit. People who find driving to gym tiresome and time consuming can opt for exercise bicycles. It has features like multi-tasking. There are two types of exercise equipment, one is called the upright model and the other is the recumbent model. The Recumbent model is the most preferred by people who have just started their exercise schedule and those that suffer from back injuries. Exercise enthusiasts feel that recumbent model is not for intense exercise and prefer uprights. These bicycles are not only meant for cardiovascular fitness but also to tone your muscles.

Commercial exercise bicycles start from $250 and goes up to $3000. As the price increases the features also increase. Expensive models include pre-programmed activities, calorie monitors, speed, time counters, heart rate monitor, among other gadgets that help to monitor your physical activity. The warranty and maintenance services are wider if the model is expensive. Even with rigorous exercise the user need not fear of wear and tear as the maintenance services offered are excellent for expensive models. Though there are many models to choose it is advised to pick a commercial exercise bike based on your body weight, height, stature and budget.

Why people opt for commercial stationary recumbent bike is because they are far cheaper when compared to other exercise equipment. There is a wide range of exercise bikes available in the market. Some bikes come with a facility to store more than ten programs and users can store their profiles on the bike. When it comes to heart rate monitor, the current heart rate, target heart rate and heart rate percentage can be calculated. Most exercise bike manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for home use and around 2 years warranty for commercial use. The latest in exer-bicycle is cordless design. This means it runs on self powered system meaning continuous power.

Buying commercial exercise bikes can be a demanding task if you are not sure where to look. Internet could be the right option when looking for an exercise bike, since a wide range of choice is available and popular brands can be bought under one roof. Just take some time off and check out on the various brands available. A multi brand website that sells sports equipment is the right place to buy commercial exercise bicycle. Check the terms and conditions before you buy a product. The shipping and replacement policies need to be checked before the exercise bike is bought. Also ask if they charge extra for the shipment or if it is included in the product price.

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