Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Discover the joys of Varsity Biking!

There are two features that even the ones who are new to the cycle business look for while buying a machine. One of them is the comfort that they experience while riding their bike around. This comfy factor plays a very important role as the user needs to be able not only sit conveniently in his or her seat, but also find the bike light enough to manoeuvre it and maintain balance. The other feature is, and it perhaps goes without saying, value for money. Everyone looks for a reasonably-priced product that is worth the bucks spent on it and does not require too much work, assembly or maintenance. These two aspects, without going into further specifics, form the customer’s ground rules for a good bike and the Schwinn Varsity bike lives up to just these expectations. Comfortable, affordable and of excellent quality, these bikes are popular because they keep their users happy.

The Schwinn Varsity bike has its name established and a long tradition of churning of good models that traces its way back to the 1960s. It was one of the first ‘serious’ bikes that made people stand up and take notice of the professional design and the utility of bicycle. In short, it took bikes past the tag of ‘kid’s toys’ effectively. Staying true to the expectations that come with being such a popular brand, it continues to produce bicycles that you can afford, are proud of, and that are worthy of flaunting. The Schwinn Varsity Bike is one that you would love to make your own!

The Schwinn Varsity range, today, consists of 14-speed bikes that are multi-geared and sport lightweight, and durable aluminium frames. Also, they sport wrap down handlebars and derailleur instead of hub gearing, that makes gear shifting an easy, breezy affair. Moreover, the Schwinn Varsity bikes strike the perfect balance between style and utility and all their bikes sport practical features that the users are sure to fall in love with, along with a flashy exterior that will without doubt get the owner some jealous glances from onlookers. These models are on top of their game, being pioneers of the 10-speed bike range. They embrace technology and innovation and keep upgrading the mechanics of the bicycle to make it more usable, comfortable and lovable.
The Schwinn 700c Men’s Varsity Carbon Fiber Bike is a premier bike that is a classic favourite model which sports a sturdy aluminium frame, wrapped in carbon fiber. The star product features are undoubtedly the Shimano 14-sp. drive train with Shimano 7-sp. Sora STI shifters. It is also fitted with the trademark Schwinn Road Bend handlebars, aluminium road fork and a promax alloy ahead stem among others. Priced at $495.04, it is a steal!
So what are you waiting for? Go get your very own Schwinn Varsity road bike!

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