Friday, January 7, 2011

Stress-free workouts with the Fitnex Velocity Indoor Bike

The Fitnex Velocity Indoor Bike is designed to well meet your fitness needs, check out its features and you definitely say this is your ideal fitness equipment. You are ensured of maximum comfort and prevention from injuries with this indoor bike featuring heavy duty adjustable spring/shock rider suspension. In addition, this bike has a comfort gel saddle with mid-section cutaway and hence the possibilities of seating pressure is almost negligible. Customized riding position is enabled with the integrated four-direction micro-adjustable investment-cast seat and handlebar sliders. And, the Triathlon-style handle bar provides you with multiple hand positions. Maximum safety is guaranteed by this Velocity indoor bike featuring Micro-adjustable Resistance mechanism with Instant Break, and its 3 piece BMX grade crank lets you use any clipless pedal. Among the notable features is the Non-skid Rubber Feet that enables you to adjust on uneven surfaces, and easy micro-adjustments are facilitated with the aid of integrated user-positionable quick-release levers. It requires a floor space of 44" X 25", so not much of your personal space is needed for this fitness bike.

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