Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mongoose outer limit Bike

Mongoose outer limit bike is a boy’s wonder. It is inexpensive and yet has all the characteristic of a freestyle bike. This 20” BMX bike is a sure starter bike for boys who are yearning to showcase their skills. Mongoose outer limit can work as a great first bike for your boy. There is no doubt that your kid can learn to work out the tricks on this bike before going for a higher version. The handcrafted steel frame and fork can speak for the durability of the bike. The road hugging tires and durable pegs on the front and behind are features to watch out for. You can conduct cool tricks with the help of 4 axle pegs and brake rotor. The SST rotor can rotate 360 degrees and is suitable for performing stupendous tricks. Your boy will find the bike a great treat to move around in the neighborhood. Without much peddling the bike moves at great speed. For those who want to start a career in racing Mongoose outer limit is the right pick.

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