Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mongoose Estes Bike

Everyone irrespective or age and gender loves to ride bicycles. Whenever you want to explore the unexplored you need to have the right mode of transportation and none other than Mongoose Estes bike can tackle your transportation needs. The bike is definitely tough, the cross country suspension is worth a mention here. This means the bike can move up and down on any tough terrain without dislocating your spine. For a swift and smooth change of gears the 21 speed gears plays a pivotal role. The tires offer extraordinary grip and has an adhesive friction that can handle off road challenges. The Mongoose Estes comes with one year warranty. The aluminum frame offers a sturdy appearance. The bike is priced reasonably so it is within the reach of majority of customers. For long life of the bike it is always suggested to service your bike regularly and avoid harsh riding. The bike has to be assembled and if you want to customize the bike talk to the dealer beforehand to check for availability of spares.

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