Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bicycle hoist

Bicycle hoist are the best way to conserve space in your garage. Garage organization is a skill and with the apt accessories you can keep your garage space organized. Using bicycle hoist is one of the ways to decongest your garage. No more worry that your bicycle occupies valuable garage space as bicycle hoist makes use of only the ceiling space leaving the floor space for your car or motorcycle. Bicycle hoists are easy to install and the mechanism is so simple that even a child can operate them. Depending on the size of your bicycle you can pick a bicycle hoist from your nearest bike store or from a sports website like The designs are flexible and can be altered according to the height of the ceiling. The bicycle hoists are inexpensive and are the only alternative to conserve space in a congested garage. A rope and a pulley system are all that you need to lift your bike. Organize your garage with this wonder gadget and relax.

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