Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cheese Platter

Different types of cheese can yield a variety of textures, flavors and colors. Cheeses are best when served at room temperature. Any good cheese plate must be accompanied with bread or fresh fruits etc. You could choose at least one or more cheese from a variety of categories of cheese to make your very own plate. You can serve a single cheese on a plate and expect amazing results or serve individual cheese plates with assorted variety of cheese as an appetizer or dessert at a dinner party or absolutely any event at all. You can make them at home; buy it from a retail store or shop to your heart’s content, online. Bread and crackers is the most liked garnish for a cheese plate. A plain and baguette crackers always go well with cheese. Bread sticks or other types of bread that taste sumptuous and can be used to garnish a cheese plate are bread with dried fruit and nuts. They can be garnished with a variety of other edible items like, grapes, plums, nuts, olives, mint leaves, or any other green fresh herb. Besides these, you can also garnish your mouth-watering cheese platter with sliced meat, diced tomatoes, dash of lime etc.

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