Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bodycraft Tour Trainer – Ideal indoor bikes for fitness conscious

Cycling is the best choice for fun yet efficient workouts, and Bodycraft Tour Trainer Bikes offer you the benefit of an exercise bike and fun of a road bike. Integrating a real bicycle handlebar you get the feel of real cycle while riding. The built-in adjustable suspension system enables side-to-side motion, which lets you experience the feel of pumping up hills and leaning through corners around turns. With these indoor bikes you can try the most challenging condition or can go for a customized one based on your requirements.

About their construction heavy-duty steel frames are used and the seat post is made of stainless steel to guarantee long service life. To prevent rust, frames are coated with two layers of powder coat paint, hence durability is ensured. For your comfort while riding premium-quality Velo saddle is used in these fitness bikes. Their pedals are made from aluminum alloy and accompany toe straps for optimal grip. A friction brake featuring micro-adjust safety knob and emergency stop is included for resistance. All these implies Body craft Tour Trainer Indoor Bikes are a best buy.

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