Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PREMIUM Rectangle Plastic Table Covers

PREMIUM Rectangle table covers are in vogue now when decorating tables for parties and other social events. They come in all sizes and you can flaunt them on small or big tables. These plastic PREMIUM rectangle plastic table covers add colour to the party, protect the table from unwanted stains or any other damage.

In this article, I shall share with you some important tips on the various kinds of plastic rectangular table cover available in the market today. In addition, I will also tell you about some key properties of a good quality rectangle table cover. This will help you when you are looking for a cover for your table.

Let us first start with some must-have features all good PREMIUM rectangle table covers should possess.

The PREMIUM table cover should be 100-percent water repellent
The 600-denier polyester fabric covers are better as they are more pliant, and gives a cloth-like feel
The UV-resistant plastics help to prevent fading with constant use
Those with sewn edges provide superior strength
The stain-resistant surface of the cover should be clean with one wipe with a damp cloth

There are thousands of unique designs available in the market today and you can actually take your time to pick that perfect cover.

The PREMIUM plastic rectangle table covers are often referred to as heavy-duty plastic table covers and your tables will look elegant and perfect with these beautiful table covers. Moreover, these table covers can actually hide the flaws in your old table, if any. None of your guests will even know about how smartly you concealed the flaws with a pretty table cover.

All you have to do when the party is over is simply roll up the table cover and throw the mess away.

You also get better quality plastic disposable rectangle table covers with excellent feel and drape. All these Premium table cover are wipe-able and you can happily reuse them if you so desire.
You may cut the big table covers to any size as per your requirement. You can also use them for purposes other than covering rectangular tables. You can use the over-sized ones to hide walls or furniture at any party or event. In fact, you can use plastic table skirts to hide the legs of the table.

The rectangle shape fits most tables easily. The PREMIUM rectangle table covers will surely add colour to your table and is great for all parties and social gatherings, including formal occasions and birthday parties.

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