Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Party Plastic Table Covers

Party table covers, as the name suggests, are plastic table covers that are used on special occasions. In this article, we will give you some ideas on cool yet inexpensive party table covers that you can use to cover your plain table when you have guests coming in.

The first idea for a party table cover is to take a twin-sized sheet, cut, and hem it to the correct size. These sheets are available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. The best part is they are easily washable and so convenient to maintain. You can actually accentuate the sheet with colorful coordinating fabric scraps cut with pinking sheers.

Another thing you can do is buy white linen or cotton sheet and cut and hem to fit your table. You may use stencils to create patterns on corners or border with fabric paints. Iron on transfers can be used as an alternative to stencil patterns.

If you have an old quilt, you can use it as a party table cover and give your table a country charm. However, the quilt must be a light one or may use the quilt top to avoid lumps as they may cause instability for objects placed on the table. If you have fabric scraps, you can add a rosette, or flower for a round shape and you may sew a ribbon border to the size of a square or rectangular top.

Cardboards also make cute party table covers for a casual or small size table. You can take from your kids for decorating the cover too. All you have to do is cut a large piece of cardboard and ask the kids to stick colorful images, stickers or random bits of paper on top of the cardboard. You can finish it with non-toxic decoupage glue and let it dry. The final covering of this party table cover will be semi-washable and durable for several uses. You may use foam board or poster board in place of cardboards to make this kind of a table topper for kids.

Shower curtains make cool party table covers. Buy a vinyl variety and then trim it to the size and shape of your table. Immerse the curtain in hot water and remove the folds and wrinkles caused while packaging. This will soften the cover as well the vinyl lets you see the tabletop or cloth table cover beneath, while protecting the cloth cover from spills.

These inexpensive party plastic table covers will not only add glamour to your table, but protect the table from spills and stains too.

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