Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Save Water Drink Beer Tshirt

A funny crew neck beer tshirt would always look good on men. It would make them look funny yet cool. A shirt with the slogan ‘Save water drink beer’ is becoming quite popular among men. One of the best places to buy such tshirts is, check out the link above to find a save water drink beer tshirt on the website The tshirt costs $17.79. You would have to pay an additional $4 for shipping. The tshirt would have the slogan ‘Save water drink beer’. Along with this slogan, there would also be an picture of a filled beer mug in the center of the tshirt. This save water drink beer tshirt is available in colors red, green, blue, white and black. The sizes include small, medium, large, extra large, 2 extra large.

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